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Topic Ideas

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Topic Ideas

If you are finding it difficult to determine the right narrative essay topics, here is a list that would help you find something that suits best. Here is a list of 50 narrative essay topics that would remind you of some event that you can take from your personal experience.

  1. A sad funeral, a funny event at a wedding or a funeral.
  2. A thrilling minute from a sports event
  3. Your first day at job. This is one of the most popular narrative essay topics.
  4. Your first day at college
  5. Your last day at your last job
  6. A moment of success or failure. You can always find such narrative essay topics from your education or working days.
  7. A funny date or a special date
  8. An experience that restated your faith
  9. An event that changed the way you think
  10. An abnormal interview
  11. A strange experience
  12. An experience about wasting money on a device
  13. An embarrassing moment. Everyone has many such moments that can make great narrative essay topics.
  14. A journey to be remembered
  15. A scary experience
  16. The moment you met someone you were afraid to meet
  17. First time you visited a foreign country
  18. The moment when you were rejected
  19. A breakup. This can be one of the best narrative essay topics that your readers would really relate to.
  20. A big misunderstanding
  21. An experience demonstrating why time is important
  22. A life-threatening experience
  23. An experience demonstrating why not to go for looks
  24. A life-turning event
  25. A moment when you have to make a difficult decision
  26. A cherishing moment when you met a Governor or a celebrity
  27. Some historic event cherished by you
  28. An event where you demonstrated heroism
  29. A defiant act
  30. An imaginary meeting with a celebrity. You can create such narrative essay topics for any celebrity that you love.
  31. Almost becoming great
  32. Almost dead
  33. An experience that changed the way you viewed someone
  34. When you made a stand for a reason
  35. A trip you want to make again
  36. A childhood memory of a vacation
  37. The first time you left home
  38. Visiting a fictional place
  39. Describing an event from two perspectives
  40. A road accident
  41. An experience where you laughed the most
  42. A day when it was all going wrong
  43. The moment when you made the decision to change your life
  44. When you were lost. You can chose an experience and create such narrative essay topics that your readers would love to read.
  45. An unanticipated encounter
  46. Surviving a natural disaster
  47. Any experience with a lesson
  48. Witnessing a major event
  49. Discovering something new
  50. An experience that helped you grow up
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  • posted by folasade

    what are the three reasons that make wedding day a special day and how do i write the thesis?

  • posted by usama

    how boring school is

  • posted by HACK ME BRO

    Freedom of speech

  • posted by bob

    an adventure in a fantasy world

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