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Narrative Essay Writing

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Narrative Essay Writing

When it comes to answering the question how to write a narrative essay, always remember that narratives are basically stories and they have a plot. So, narratives are essays that present a story in an interesting form, also conveying themes. When you are required to write a narrative essay, it wouldn’t be required to write any theory or do some research. This is what makes the answer to the question how to write a narrative essay different.

When you write a narrative essay, you would be required to tax your imagination. Even though, some research may be required, but there is no need to quote any words from any sources. The chances are that the writing is going to come to your more easily without much research.

A Short Guide

The following short guide would help you in a great way to find answers to the question how to write a narrative essay.

  1. First decide the topic you want to write upon.
  2. Discuss the chosen topic with your peers and teacher. This can be done in the class, in a group discussion or at the tutorial.
  3. Use a brainstorm session to find the different ways to write the narrative.
  4. Begin writing the essay.
  5. The writing should keep moving ahead with a natural flow of consciousness.
  6. Read the essay twice.
  7. Make editing for all the technical and grammatical errors.
  8. Ask another person to read and make the editing for grammar.

Importance of Brainstorming

An important answer to the question how to write a narrative essay lies in the brainstorming session.

  • It would help in finding ideas about where the narrative would go.
  • As you would be reinventing the plot, it is possible to write on any topic that comes to your imagination.
  • When you want to know how to write a narrative essay, make sure that is both believable and rational.


You can also use diagrams to start with the brainstorming or planning session. Begin with the main idea in mind. It should be circled and write lines that describe that particular main idea. Each and every spoke must move out farther to create a spider-like diagram. Choose any of these lines and they can help you how to write a narrative essay and follow them.