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Narrative Essay Topics

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Narrative Essay Topics

Narrative essays are used in telling stories. In most times the narrative essay topics will be personal. This means they will have a unique story from a personal perspective. Narrative essay topics can be on anything. They can touch relationships, family, growing up, tragedies, school, work etc. The author of a narrative essay ought to always remember that this essentially a story.

The topics usually have a point that they want to stress and put across. This is the plot that guides the writer throughout the story and always keeps the reader engaged. This particular point is emphasized in the beginning of the story and highlighted at the story’s ending.

The topics are supposed to induce feelings to the reader and make them follow through, almost as if you are compelling them to put themselves in your shoes in that instantaneous moment. Some authors use this in form of creating a need for sympathy and it works just fine when executed in the right manner. You will have to put in the details in the particular sequence that you so feel will preoccupy the reader with the emotions of that particular moment.

Narratives, as much of a personal experience brought out in form of a story; have to always relate to the main point of the essay. Nevertheless, you do not want to look as if you are forcing in ideas. You may include conversations you may have heard o thoughts which may have ran across your mind to substantiate this. Other elements may include the moods created by nature as a result of sounds by animals or objects which in turn affect the way we think and react. Choosing a topic that will provide an easy path to execute all these conditions is thus essential for the success of your essay.

Below are fifty examples of narrative essay topics.

  1. The adventure in the forest
  2. Growing up in the slums
  3.  The accident I had at fifteen
  4. The naughty classmates
  5. Riding thirty kilometers daily to keep fit
  6. The shoes I had always longed to have
  7. My tenth birthday
  8. The experience I had with my neighbors dogs
  9. My sports teacher
  10. My girlfriend
  11. The love of a mother
  12. My long lost friend
  13. A memorable tour to Africa
  14. The plain crash I survived
  15. The beasts in the savannah
  16. The lovely African people
  17. Crimes in my neighborhood
  18. The police crackdown in my hood
  19. The struggles my friends had growing up
  20. The mountain
  21. Fingerprints at my doorstep
  22. The king spider
  23. The lion king
  24. Total obsession for my neighbor’s daughter
  25. My dads old truck
  26. The limousine in my neighborhood
  27. Winning the lottery
  28. Looking forward to turning sixteen
  29. The rape experience I almost had
  30. My annoying manager
  31. Getting fired at work
  32. The smell that reminded me of drug addiction I had
  33. Having a grand entry at the football event
  34. The day robbers snatched my wallet at night
  35. The unfinished business I look forward to
  36. The twins who made my life a living hell
  37. My sister
  38. The love of my life
  39. True love
  40. My nuts allergy
  41. The train experience
  42. My first salary
  43. The day I drunk too much
  44. The red carpet welcome
  45. My dream car
  46. Being a lastborn
  47. The girl who drove my brother crazy
  48. My addiction to fashion
  49. The feeling I got becoming a father
  50. My experience with a witch

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  • posted by eirma

    * i want to write about our adventure where we discovered falls

  • posted by shakicn

    1. The adventure in the forest

  • posted by Kelly Miller

    My Ex-Boyfriend's Punishment for Molesting My Daughter

  • posted by TAWANA

    i want to write a narritive essay about when i was fifteen and my aunt died

  • posted by mercy

    i want to write about how i got admision into the university

  • posted by wassim

    essay on young woman who was able to escape from a difficult past to make a success of life

  • posted by Sherica

    I want Yao write about what I can bring to the company on an application for a job

  • posted by Bessy M

    I want to write a moved to other state and city, my experience and the experience of my family as a result of the move

  • posted by luz

    I have an essays on ways to Entertain kids on rainy days i need help starting

  • posted by Laurea

    I want to write about video games

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