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When I was a child I used to live in Sandpoint, Idaho with my family. Sandpoint is a small city located on the shore of a lake called Lake Pend Oreille. My family were very fond of spending time together, and since the town offered Schweitzer mountain ski resorts as one of its attractions, we went skiing there quite a lot.

The first-person narrative is a literary technique wherein a story is narrated explicitly by one or more of the characters, who refers to himself or herself in the first person as “I”. As the narrator express his/her own feelings, thoughts, and experiences, the narrator’s character is revealed and the reader easily gains insight to the character. It also suspends information from the reader, and therefore widely used and effective to suspense and detective fiction.

It was a day only several years ago when I first realized the numerous benefits I could realize from reading. Of course, I had been told all my life that reading was important. I was forced to do it in class after class beginning in elementary school and on up through high school. I had never read for enjoyment, had never gone to a book store and surveyed the stacks of tomes with pleasure, had never been to the library except when it was required for researching a particular assignment.

In the Bible, it is written 'Now these are to you the unclean among the swarming things which swarm on the earth: the mole, and the mouse, and the great lizard in its kinds.'  Furthermore it is said that 'These [including the snake] are to you the unclean among all the swarming things; whoever touches them when they [the 'swarming things'] are dead becomes unclean until evening (Leviticus 11:29 and 31).  Thus many, across cultures and different religions, have equated the snake as well, with sin, pestilence and devils and demons.

My parents are nerds.  I don’t mean they were nerds as kids and grew out of it; I mean my parents were nerds from the moment each was born, though their adolescence, and right into adulthood.  Today, my parents remain true to their heritage: they are full-fledged, adult nerds.  As most people are aware, nerd hood requires a few supplies and traits: along with the requisite pocket protectors, the over-exuberance for all things academic, and thick glasses, both of my parents are bookworms.  Luckily, certain genetic traits skip a generation, and I can honestly say that I am not a nerd; however, I am a bookworm, and I am not ashamed to admit it because much of my life has been influenced by the things I have read.