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My  name  is  James  Clarke. This  narration  was  about  an  accident  which  I  and  my  friends  faced  one  day  while  we  were  driving  our  car. One  day I  ask  my  friend  Stuart, "Will you come to my home".  He tells me, "I will try to come". After  this  I asked  him  to  come  on  Sunday  and  I just went forward  with  my work. I  enjoyed  the  day  with  my  girlfriend  Angela. I  invited  her  also  to come  on  Sunday.

There is a tendency nowadays for lots of human beings to spend their lifetime remembering the past or dreaming about the future. Those people can be found everywhere, from the school desk to the rest homes. They can be distinguished for the blear in their eyes and the endless tales they produce, either about the "good old days" or the colossal projects they plan to realize in the nearest future.

In my younger years, I attended a high-school which was not far away from a small drugstore that nobody from the school ever went to called 'The Pennyway." This battered and obscure place featured an old-fashioned grill and soda counter. The store was musty and cluttered and staffed by three elderly women who looked as though they might have been carrying oxygen tanks under their floral uniforms.

There is a little rhyme by an unknown author that starts out, "I remember the day; I remember the place" that always come to my mind when I think about my friend, Christopher.  I remember the day I met him vividly.