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Important Parts Of A Good Narrative Essay

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Important Parts Of A Good Narrative Essay

When it comes to writing a narrative essay, the following narrative essay example format would help you in a big way. Make sure that you follow the tips given. It would be best to create a narrative essay example or an overview before starting to write the essay.


The narrative essay should begin with an introduction. You should start the entire statement with something that would grab the attention of the reader and would also give them an idea of the direction of the narrative essay example. It is also known as the attention grabber or the HOOK.

Beginning Information

Make sure that the HOOK statement is genuine and can be verified. It is most important that no doubts should arise in the mind of the reader with regard to this attention grabber. The best narrative essay example would have an elaborated attention grabber that would extend the attention of your reader.


A good narrative essay example that create a strong impression would be something that starts with an anecdote. This should be a kind of story that would illustrate a specific point. Make sure that it is short, related to the topic and highlights the point that you want to focus upon.


The right dialogue doesn’t need to identify who is telling the story. However, it is important that the readers are able to clearly understand what point you want to express. A good narrative essay example would be using just a couple of communications between the different speakers to bring home the point.

It would be best to follow the dialogue with a couple of sentences that elaborate them.

Information in the Summary

The summary should be informative and lead towards the main thesis. However, care should be taken that the topic is explained in as few sentences as possible. A good narrative essay example would have a summary that introduces the topic and also contains the main thesis of the story.