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Conventions of Narrative Essay

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When you write a narrative essay, make sure that the following conventions are considered.

  1. A narrative essay is usually written from the perspective of the first person. You would be using "I" but it is also possible to write in the third person, using "he" or "she"
  2. A narrative essay should be based upon solid and emotional detailing to tell the point to the readers. And, the detailing must have a strong impact on the readers.
  3. They are like stories and must have all the major conventions as followed when writing stories. The main parts should be:
    • The plot
    • The characters and the setting
    • The climax
    • Conclusion

Narrative Essay Topic

Here is a list of commonly found topics used for writing narrative essays:

  1. My First Day at School or College
  2. A Great Journey
  3. A Moment to Remember
  4. My Biggest Mistake
  5. Making that Difficult Decision
  6. A Journey of My Dreams
  7. When You Decide to Change Your Life

The topic chosen for the narrative essay must have a lot of importance for you and at the same time it should be interesting for the readers. Remember the most successful essays are the ones that matter to the writer.