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Narrative Essay: 'How to Guide'

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When you want to write any type of narrative essays, you must keep in mind that it is going to tell a story. You can write about the following things:

  • An event that is a part of your experience.
  • An experience that occurred in the near past or which is currently ongoing.
  • An event that could have occurred in the life of someone close.

The next crucial aspect of narrative essays is that the story must have a main point. And, the best way to conclude it would be to describe the point or lesson that you learnt from the experience.

Essentials of Narrative Essays

1. Make sure that your narrative essays begin with a general statement such as “It can be a great experience to learn something new.” It would help in introducing the main subject chosen for the essay, which would be the specific experience that taught you a lesson. You can write from the first person perspective to describe everything as your personal experience.

2. The essay would basically tell a story about something dramatic that happened to you or around you. You would have to provide maximum details about the characters, the entire vent and the location in order to make the event vivid to the readers. The words used should clearly tell how you are feeling about the situation.

3. The last paragraph in any narrative essays would present the main lesson learnt from the entire experience. For example, you can conclude by saying that learning the new skill has helped you to feel confident about yourself even in other life situations. It should be something that all the readers can relate to. And, this should be the main point of the entire essay.

4. It is important that narrative essays be organized properly. One the introduction is given, you would describe the experience in a chronological order. But, you can choose to discuss the lessons learnt in the order that you feel them to be important, without the need for following the timeframe.

5. Another important thing is to ensure that the writing is both vivid and attention grabbing. You should try to keep the reader glued to the details in an attention-grabbing way. When you share your personal point of views, readers are more interested in entering your world, as they find the story to be personal and extremely interesting.

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Writing narrative essays requires you to ensure that a fixed set of points are covered. It would usually describe an event or a personal experience with a lesson. The main point of the essay needs to be mentioned in the opening sentence, and the body of the essay should be as descriptive as possible to tell who the characters are and what the setting and location are. The conclusion should shed light on the lesson that you learnt from the experience described.

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